Do I need a library card to check out items?

Yes, with a Lebanon County Library System library card you can not only check out books, DVDs, audiobooks, magazines, and more, you also have access to many databases and resources available online and at AFL! You can also log in to our computer center and access the Internet, print documents for a small fee, and more! Anything is possible with a library card at the Annville Free Library!

I have a library card for the Lebanon/Richland/Matthews/Myerstown/Palmyra library; can I use that here?

Yes! The Lebanon, Richland, Matthews, Myerstown, Palmyra and Annville libraries are all under the same county library system; and a library card obtained from any library in the system works at all of the 6 libraries!

Can I request an item from one of the 6 libraries in the system and have it be picked up at AFL?

Yes! If you request a book from another of the 6 libraries in the system in our library or online, it can be sent to our library for pickup! Once it has arrived we will notify you by phone or email. Note: If you are requesting a book online be sure to change the pickup branch to the Annville Free Library; by default it is set to the Lebanon Community Library.

How many items can I have out at once?

You can have as many books, magazines, and audiobooks out as you want! DVDs are limited to 10 items at a time, and certain special items such as our ukuleles and Wi Fi hotspots can only be checked out one per patron.

When are my items due?

Item due dates depend on the type of item checked out; a receipt will be printed at the end of your transaction that have the due dates listed for each item checked out. In addition, you can check what items you have out, check your due dates for each item, and renew the items by logging in to your account on the AFL website. Generally books have a 3-week checkout period while DVDs have a 1-week checkout period.

Do I receive a fine if I bring my items in late?

Yes; it is our standard policy that any item checked in one or more days late will receive a fine for each day the item is late. The amount per day varies on the type of item; generally books are 25 cents per day, and DVDs are $1 per day.

How can I renew my items?

You can log in to your account online and renew them from your account; or you can call in to the Annville Free Library at (717) 867-1802 and ask a staff member to renew them for you! You can also come to the library and have a staff member renew them in person. Items can generally only be renewed a maximum of 2 times, although it depends on the kind of item (for example: Wi Fi hotspots can only be renewed once). Once you have reached the maximum number of renewals, you will need to check the item back in to the library.

How do I sign up for programs that occur at the library?

Ask a staff member for any programs for which you would like to sign up! The majority of the programs at the library are free of charge, but for some we do like to have patrons register beforehand due to limited space. In addition, for certain programs, such as Tuesday night knitting or the monthly book group, you can just show up; there is no need to register. For any program we will denote in the description and any promotional materials that we send out whether you may need to register, pay, etc. When in doubt, ask an AFL staff member!


Still have a question? Contact us by calling (717) 867-1802, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have!